Master archer,
Superb athlete, martial artist, and acrobat from the quaint town of Waverly, Iowa.


So this party is just going downhill.

I can be there in an hour. …You don’t have to face things like this alone, Clint.

thanks, natasha.


Pretty sure I could comandeer a jet if you need a ride.

i could use a ride…there are more bad memories here than i remembered.

it was so peaceful

i made it to the graveyard just before it was getting closed for the night. the guy closing recognized me as “that one bow and arrow guy from the avengers” and let me stay past closed.

seeing my father’s grave made me feel sick but i can’t be mad at the man for falling victim to his vice of alcohol. my mother’s grave already had flowers on it.

i’m staying the night in a hotel and leaving tomorrow.

Stuck at a bus stop

It’s the same bus stop me and my big brother sat at when we ran away from the orphanage…

I’m starting to regret coming here alone.


diana the huntress


diana the huntress

I’ll be offline for a while I’m going to be visiting my parent’s graves

It’s not the anniversary I just feel like visiting them since I finally have the time.